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Source: Diabetes Queensland

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has added to the public misconception that diabetes can be cured when he discussed living with type 2 diabetes.

“My doctor says if I can hit a target weight, I will not have type 2 diabetes anymore,” Mr Hanks, who has built his career playing truthful Mr Nice Guys, said in a recent interview.

Mr Hanks said he was “a total idiot” when he was warned he had pre-diabetes and did not do enough to avoid developing the condition.

“I thought I could avoid it by removing the buns from my cheeseburgers.
“Well, it takes a little bit more than that.”

Mr Hanks was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2013 and is hopeful he will get to the stage of treating his condition with diet and exercise.

Hanks Kardashian 2 Pic

Rob Kardashian, 29, also recently added to the mistaken belief, when he claimed he was “cured” of type 2 diabetes.

The 29-year-old celebrity told journalists his fiancée Black Chyna’s home-cooked meals “have cured his diabetes”.

“She told me that by having her cook for me, my diabetes would be gone. And it is,” he said.

We wish, Rob.

Diabetes Queensland Health Professional Program Manager Louise Natusch said type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition.

“In some cases, type 2 diabetes can be treated through maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and regular exercise,” Ms Natusch said.

“The media often refers to people who are not on medication or insulin as being “cured” of type 2.

“Successfully treating your condition means your blood glucose levels are within the target range. If you become stressed, unwell, or involved in an accident so that your mobility is restricted, your BGLs can rise again.

“When a person ages, their BGLs may also rise naturally, due to their pancreatic cells wearing out.

“Once diagnosed you should always let your treating health professional know about the condition, even if you are managing with diet and exercise alone.

“Your health professional can support you if they are aware of the condition to keep an eye on your blood glucose levels, even if you were medication free before being ill.”

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